Engrave your FIRST and LAST NAME on the back of the charm. If you know your Generation Number we will engrave that number on the front in the star for FREE.

Engraving Fee ($20.00)

Font Options for FIRST NAME: Block (Times New Roman) or Script (Lucinda Calligraphy).  Maximum 10 letters.

Font for LAST NAME:  Arial.  Maximum 10 letters.

*If more digits are needed, recommend engraving initials.

Generation Number will be engraved in 'Block - Arial'

Allow 2-4 weeks for custom delivery.


Custom Engraving

SKU: 638828420375
  • Custom engraved items are non-refundable or returnable.  

 WE DONATE WITH EACH ORDER.  Let us know your choice in the 'Add a Note' link at Checkout.  (1) Samaritan's Purse, (2) Mesothelioma, or (3) Disabled American Vets 

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